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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Happy moments at AY-Live 15th Edition with @mcigotuk And Friends

 Get to meet @mcigotuk the main market man, One of the most presentable and also special to be classified as an Mc amongst all other show presenting Mc's available for your shows, 

Making the trends memorable as you shoot out your shows and quality seminars across the globe 🌐  requires some team of good presenters/Artist/Comedians/ Stunners/And most of all Djs and good mc's,

With an Mc such as @mcigotuk your show is 100% secured and memorably quotable, 

It was a great moment at the 15th Edition of @Ay_live for been delighted to meet co-entertainers such as @Chizzyalichi @endlessog_ Including so many more others which the less time privilege wouldn't allow me mention their name's except you want to find out then you can kindly ask, 


The world of entertainment is basically filled with so much excitement and joy, 

This helps to reduce the anxieties of life and allows one to live and enjoy the greatest grace of time,

I guess is the right time for you all to start making a good pick in selecting your joyous team mates, 

I go with @mcigotuk for mc's @endlessog_ for an artist music producer /With so many other more who are out there to make your day, 

I would love you to kindly visit the site and tell us about your experience with Any of this faces you can see on the labelled pictures, 

For me it was all fun, 

Let's hear what you have to say, 
Starting from place's you have come across any of them, 

If they actually made your day fun, 

How was your experience wow I can't wait to also hear what you felt,


The best feeling ever is seen your self journey along with crew that can bring out the smile in your face, 

Most times it is revealed that 90% of the smiling faces you have been across in life every one of this has a bitter part, 

And for a good Mc Such as @Mcigotuk it is his favorite thing making you smile, 

One of the reasons why you need to follow this guy to laugh away your sorrows, 

Read,Enjoy,Comment and also help share. 

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