" Only for the legends, Describe any of this pictures in your best definition and win a prize, - Africans Hair


Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Only for the legends, Describe any of this pictures in your best definition and win a prize,

Some of you for certainty will want to swear with your lives that this pictures describes boy friend and girl friend on a  visitation routines, 

But in some other way around, It might be actually talking about something more likely different from the perspectives or angles you see that from, 

Because some of this pictures might eventually be describing a missing or frustrated traveller either on good notice or the other, 

Some might be small misconduct in the journey line attracted to missing part or so on,

Maybe little off on the track or relatively in line with the part, 

But let's handle it this way,

 Give me few days to record a perfect definition for this pictures and when I am done, 

I will then gather the definitions recorded by other genius article writers which I would gladly accept you all to be reserved as part of the staged person's with my full approval to do this task, 

If you are ready to become a legend in one way or the other which would best be described by any experience or such that would be arranged by experience in it's own more suitable manners reserved, 

Then let's start gathering this momentous legendary Adventure's by having a little or more knowledge of how many stages you have been able to cross parts with as you journey down the legendary valleys,

Now let's work as a team, Because I so much believe in the possibilities of hearing more legendary quotes that best describes this funny pictures that almost or mostly speaks about one thing exactly or the other, 

You must also understand that this pictures can equally be miss quoted without real evidence of what people thought they are, 

Read, Contribute and also help share. 

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