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Monday, May 16, 2022

Anambra State Recently Sworn Governor Soludo Visits Mazi Nnamdi Kanu MNK,

 This is a welcome development in igbo land only if the rest of the eastern regional governor's will accept brotherly relationship with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu MNK as a true hero unto his very own people for standing out in exception of everything going on within the region for decades uncovered till this very moment of his personal reviews to the entire globe 🌐.

I would rather be specific on clarity and godliness when it comes to issues concerning politics basically the African sect of policts, I so much accepts blacks with one heart In race/Tribes/Religion and so on and so forth, But black people are so gifted that they just need more of the loving sector to grow to the higher heights, 

No one can seriously think about such development on a clear note, This was just one of the very first moves required by most of the people currently representing the well known political positions in the Nigerian governmental system because every other tribe would have done such earlier even before this very moment, All the same I have to appreciate this steps boldly taken by Anambra State Governor Mr Soludo  

But let's presume that no action is required to remarkably specify if this was the right or wrong moment for this,Would it be nice to meet you when you have almost or nearly conquered your battles with your opponents or to be better when the battle line is still fresh and actively booming, Because this whole questions is what I would proudly accept if anyone can provide me with some necessary answers, 

This Governor made me completely proud for taken such decisions without taken long on his recently achieved position as the Anambra state active Governor, So let's give him a round of applause, 

Because so many other people worked faster and makes necessary thoughts  and actions in accordance with what is required on a quicker note to avoid some certain measures when it comes to politics of the people, This is what I must make as a submission if I am in anyway 

I don't really know how best it fits to describe this very act, Either which way I would gladly pray for more improvement in all honesty,

Because I don't know if the igbo people  have a great stand on the positive side or either on the negative side as things are becoming very complicated in the region, 

Let's hear from your own thoughts and observations,

Comment below. 

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