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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Depression Is Real : Read what happened to folake abiola.


It was reported that miss folake abiola was an accountant working with the GLO network,

And news flies around which states that she has been single for over seven years with no husband, no child or even sex for over those years

Lagos telecoms accountant commits suicide, friends blames depression

Folake Abioia

A Lagos accountant working with GLO Company named Folake Abiola, has just committed suicide at her residence at Osapa London, A location in the Lekki area of Lagos State.

Some informations where  gathered that the 45-year-old was at her house on Friday when she allegedly drank what was suspected to be insecticide or publicly called sniper and this made her lost her breath.

And she was said to have been reportedly found dead shortly after, And a member of her family members, friends and men of the Nigeria Police Force met her lying motionless in her own apartment.

Mean while a colleague of the deceased, who spoke corresponding on condition of sad news, Said  Folake Abiola had been suffering from depression for years, adding that the news of her death was shocking to the said Colleague.

While some claims that Abiola committed suicide due to loneliness, lack of a husband, among others as they presumed, But the colleague said her associates knew that she had been in romantic relationships for sometimes now which was actually noticeable by the whole team, And also added that she ended them due to depression.

And this very source also addes, 
Miss Folake Abiola had been suffering from depression for years and her death has nothing to do with loneliness or lack of a husband or sex. Within the last seven years, I know she was in a relationship twice and still never ended the feeling of depression.

Now it's quiet obvious that  she ended those relationships on her own because of depression. She said she did not want to bring someone else into her life when she could not take care of herself. She was going through extreme depression, but people that did not know what she was going through have been laying different observations concerning her conditions even after it has been confirmed that she is already lost her life to it.

She was a senior accountant at a telecoms firm and we are colleagues. She took her life herself and was buried that same Friday as she was the only Christian in her family.”

The colleague described Folake abiola as a good lady and was so sure about this, And she added that Folake Abiola was lovely person and also a lover of Christ, And also was liberal in giving, adding that she had been saying she wanted to end it all before she took her life the very moment she was confirmed death was a grate surprise too.

The problem here is that the country doesn't have any department in control for emotional and depressed citizens like other countries do. 

And even the close family members that were there officially wrote to the divisional police officers requesting for the release of the corpse to enable them to bury her in accordance with Islamic rites and the corpse was released to the family on compassionate grounds for a befitting burial of the deceased.

Depression is a leading cause of suicide in Nigeria as experts decry lack of proper awareness of mental health in the country.

In December 2021, a Diploma holder, Lekan Odunare, was filmed jumping into the lagoon and that was just that.

His wife, Sofiat Amusa, later claimed he was driven by depression and frustration.

And now she felt to have ended all the miseries by drinking a sniper to have a conclusion to all that,

We have no idea what other stressful sort of experience she must have been passing through secretly without letting it out of her heart,

Depression is real and you all need to understand how this things works, Sometimes you need to talk to someone and make some pains go away by easing them off,

Sometimes you don't just need your self alone to make conclusion on things that concerns your personal life,Most times you also need someone to lay your points to and hear what they have to say and listen with calm minds, 

This is your life and we all knows that the decisions you make and that concerns your life is a nobody's faith to decide, 

But when you feel some certain pains in your heart you don't just need yourself alone to decide.

Let's hear what you have to say concerning this very incident. 

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