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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Get In Here Let's Discuss (What Will Your Children Learn From You As A Parent?)

 Let's do things that will leave a positive imprint on our own family and friends mindsets, Sometimes most of the so called  social parent's as I best chose to call them do lot of things for social reasons and never made a thought about what the side effects  will bring later, 

You are supposed to become a mother or father some day, That's if you have not yet become one for now, Let's go to the face of the world and make them see us is very different from let's go to the word and give them something to remember, Remarkably things done should have one way it brings pure impact on the positive side and not the negative,

Create a page that has some positive thoughts and feelings which will give a motivating impact on anyone that comes across that which was created by your humble self, I know vividly for some certain reasons that most of us do this just for fun and media publicity but I quote you wrong when you have gone beyond the extents of leaving a sign for positive impacts on what so ever it is that you are doing. 

Take a look at this pictures and tell me how you will feel by the time you start growing old and wish your children never saw them and had about them even, Or will you tell me when some certain issues occurs around your local environment and your kids are reported to be found in the page of corruption because of what you as a parent thought them as a justifiable point which was found unjustifiable by the general public, Maybe even to an extent of governmental review which calls for some parental questionings, I admit proudly on the fact that you wouldn't be so courageous to accept supporting their actions in the public because of what people might turn to say even if you do support them at home secretly, 

Let's learn to control our emotions and feelings about some certain things in life and never end up regretting what we personally did for passion, The world is coming to an end actually is now the daily thing people believes in, And so many will say we are fully living in the modern world where everything is possible as well, But why not become a pure example of the positive side when talked about concerning the days and what it has to offer because everyone knows that all which goes around comes around. 

We have a privilege of freedom and has the power within ourselves to control some certain things in which soever way we can probably do that, You must not chose to succumb for ordinary emotions which adds not even a single value, Not every action deserves to be taken just for praise, Sometimes one need to think properly before getting involved, 

I know I wasn't there to narrate what went wrong with you both on the pictures and how it openly became easier for such pictures to surface on the internet, But look at the way you guys freely enjoyed acting up negative just for the sake of media publicity, 

We are the people whom have been granted freedom free by God which gave us life and all the beautiful things that accompanies life together, 

Let's make the right choice and live to enjoy every bit of all the choices we make, 

So many today are living in regrets of their past lives and I don't want any more of the very sad stories called rough past, 

Comment and let everyone know what you feel about this content, It is our duty to make this change. 

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