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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Lady Buys A Tomatoes Been Injected Of An Unknown Supplements From An Aboki Man.

We are currently living in the end time.as it implies biblically and otherwise, And we have to make sure we do the right thing at the right time because it might be too late before you get to know what is happening. 

The unknown lady sent this video and pleaded that the whatsapp members helps make the video go viral, 

So on watching the video I thoughts it also wise to help publisher the video and allow more people get to see it publicly. 

Watch video below :

The truth is that I can not even understand what the fight is all about if I must humbly make my own submission concerning this very story lines everyone is so concerned about,If the people are one then get to accept equal rights amongst the citizens of the said people,But even at the point of equity, Some person's might seek for a freedom for individual governance which is even printed out in some lovely family pictures without much argument and debates over their choices, 

Please immediately don't know whomever to lay the blames on right now because I would not publicy refuse sincerity all in the name of tribalism and religion, 

What if your loved ones mistaking out to be dining with the same people at same point and get harmed which no one can predict the inability of such possibilities of such occurrence, What will you say if you comes back to realize the results of your actions. 

I am not currently condemning anyone,I am more focused on saving lives here because is not easy to raise a single soul naturally because the economical status of the whole globe is not just really that easy to feed properly,Not to even compare this to waiting for any of them stay longer in their sick beds, And when anyone of this person's are been lost dew to the carelessly ignored warnings which they would have luckily accepted to adhere to.

This days lot of tribal issues are going on all over the nation's, Some are been caused by land issues which can commonly exist between family or friends, 

While some people in the past history's told to them by their grand father's or their grandmother's about things that happened in the past during the days of their grate grandfather's or more histories which have totally consumed their hearts with so much hate on the very names of the pictures of this said story lines.

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