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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Happiest Birthday - Morebless, The party in a bit.



Announcement, Announcement, Announcement, We are happy to announce to the general public about the upcoming birthday party of our very own brother and a true friend who is popularly known by his stage name "Morebless" This very party is set to take place on the 29th of May 2022,

The appointed venue for this very party is labeled on the image below for an easier address and link to the place where the party will take place, 

This is a very suitable party which he programmed to share the love and happiness with his family and friends then equally  show gratitude to God for been alive and healthy for a year so precious to him seen yet another 365 days after all the struggles throughout the hard times. 

Hosting a birthday party is one of the very best way to show how thankful you are for achieving an extra year ahead for the future we all live to witness, Despite that many people take it to some extent which goes against the law and makes some of the birthday celebrations look likely wrong from different sides of observation, 

If you have entered a year after been through all thick and thin from your previous moment of yearly endeavors to another sound year strongly healthy and good looking within your self you should know this is an act of grace and not right of any sort, 

Considering this very guy and the actual purpose that got my interest on this very birthday celebration,Look at what he has to say about his birthday and also learn to follow the positive leads in everything you do, 


I want to use this very opportunity to thank God for the gift of life.. Adding all the good things he has been doing to me and my family ..I said may his only name be praised,

He added, And I am very happy for my upcoming birthday party which will take place on 29 of this month been the Month of  may 2022, Father I pray you should take control on everything because we can not do without you, I pray to all my friends and wish all my fans that will attend to my birthday party,  May the lord grant everyone journey mercy on the way coming day of my birthday party,  

I am so much happy to be alive today to be sincere, I am speechless I don't even know where to start from to thank you God for everything you have done for me on this very day.

On this very day of my birthday it will be a good day for all my friends, A day that will be marked remarkable and memorable amongst all other days of my life.

The very friend and brother "Morebless" Is  a certified  business man who deals on  men's stocks clothes shoes wrists watches canvers bags footwear's  e.t.c

And could be contacted for agreeable deals on the following means, 

Facebook >> Morebless bob

Whatsapp >> 08037496455

For all your demands on fashion. 

Come one, Come all, let's give thanks to God for a blessing and gift for life, He would be expecting everyone with open mind and remember to live by example in everything you do. 

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