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Friday, May 20, 2022

Nigeria Which Way foward ?

What is your take on this very issue about the current state of Gala which was initially the most approved class of pastries well recognized by Nigerians to have been reduced by both size and the inner content not yet considering the higher rate in prize which was two times the previously sold rate,

Have anyone considered the challenge economically to have had more effects on this easily made snacks which was earlier assisting lives all over the country back in the days when Nigeria was yet a more suitable country for it's people,

Someone sent me this very image of an empty Gala which was recently sold to him at the moment he was hungry and wanted to take at least one piece or two or the packed snacks popularly known as Gala in Nigeria, But something made him paused for a while after he noticed that the pronounced Gala had no single content inside the hole which normally contains grinded meat's before that very moment,

And he told me to remark that even before the increments in prize for that very products, That he has already observed the reductions in the inner content of this very pastries and also on the size in it's packets before finally noticing it's total removal,

The question I am about to ask is very simple and demands a simple answer without too much argumentative essays, Let's just kindly admit to have made a mistake in the placement of that very inner content in a Gala snacks and not all but considering the reduction in size on same products is what I want to understand what could have generated such,

I want you all to understand that this very class of pastries helped the less privileged to live a sustainable lives,

Name it,Schools,Office's,Markets and even the roadside jobs which are the mostly common jobs available around the globe as at this very point and even before now,


This very Gala we are talking about is mostly the easiest pastries or grade of snack's you can easily get for your self and then develop a small or more strength to set either your gas or stove ready for cooking as a student while in school as a your citizen who lives an economical schooling systems in Nigeria without having too much to worry about for people who has extra money to cook basically,

But for students who doesn't have enough money to cook at the same time purchase this very snacks, You can have it all to your self and still chill courageously to carry out your daily activities without any challenges except you made it open to your own family or friends, That will only be the moment anyone can indicate what you ate earlier to have kept you strictly active throughout the moment.


As an office worker you have to consider some basics which is certain important in various office's across the globe today,
Some office locations are described within distance from the main cities even if found within the cities must in one way or the other have strict rules guiding them which makes this a genuine or standard office,

Things like free movement and time for break which I am confidently sure doesn't permit all the workers to have much time in securing what they want to eat based on varieties of food,Note that everyone never eats the same class of food even if the office provides them such,

At this point you can easily take a piece or more of this Gala snacks and manage till closing hour for your mostly liked class of food.


As a prominent business man or woman running daily business in one market or the other anywhere around the country, Married or even single, Remember not everyone is a fan of cooking and even many fan's of cooking don't know how to cook the exact thirst of food the actually would want to eat when ever they feel hungry in their business places,

Gala comes in and does a lot of work in helping you preserve more savings awaiting the propal time for the very class of food you want to eat at the propal time,

But with the way things are going now,How many pieces of this can help you equalize your calculations in working out the basis of economic state in the country, We need to work on this fact and make amends where possibly necessary before things get out of hand.


The roadside jobs which is easily considered the most local hustle one can get engaged in currently stands the highest consuming sector for manual snacks and pastries around the cities,

We have to come in to this very topic and make our submissions earlier before things gets out of hand,

I would not be condemning the companies that produces this foods and pastries because for a reason I so much believe it has more challenges coming from the economic state of the country and prizes in what is been required to make this foods available enough to serve the general public,

Help us understand your observation concerning this very article and make sure it reaches your family and also friends.

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