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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Obi Cubana Disregards Twitter Post Asking If He Gives You 10-million Naira To Return 20-million Naira In Two Years Time, And Says He Is Not On Twitter.

 Recently someone tweeted, And on his tweet he asked if he gives you 10-million naira to pay back 20-million naira in two years time if you would accept the proposal with an account named after prominent business man who is popularly known by the name (Obi Cubana

Meanwhile on the other hand, The business man makes it easier to explain to the general public about his name to have been used by several people on twitter  platforms as a scam and letting them know that he was never on twitter or even tried using twitter for any purpose in the very beginning, 

So if you may have been across such notifications from any source you should try as much as you can to stay away from such notifications as it was never by any means applicable to his personality hence forth, 

And if you can recall on this very moment of the global economy and media trends, Lot of people have learnt to use names of most prominent people to Scam little people and mostly the greedy people whom wants to be elevated without passing through the very process of getting a legitimate success becomes victims, 

Some get into rituals of all sorts and make money sacrificing both what is required to be sacrificed and also what is not necessarily required to be sacrificed all in the name of success just to become famous, When some of this people engaged them selves into another strategy which you would hardly be able to indicate if really this skills could also be derived by scammers to get money and live a sustainable life, 

My little advice to all of you whom might luckily come across this publication is to stay tuned and always pray never to become a victim of such crimes, Because this can easily be active basically on the greedy people who never wants to acknowledge that the only way to overcome poverty and stand the chance of great elevation is to keep working hard and plan accordingly with a maximum prayer while grace does his part, 

I would rather be condemning anyone trying so hard to become rich in his or her own better ways in life, But let's always understand that some certain things are better not done than ever, The man you are talking about is a very peaceful and humble man who loves progressive attitude and influence, 

So let's not yet start damaging his image on this very note I urge everyone out their to be very careful and protect their roles to positivity, 


We know that in nigeria the economy is very much challenging and not too beneficial to the masses, But you have to picture reality in your heart and explore smoothly without too much publicity stunts,

You can always win while living a soft life without getting involved in anyone's trap for unnecessary reasons or drama, 

We are here to always enlighten the general public about things going on all over the world considering the points we are able to reach personally within our power by God's grace, But you have to always help yourself while God does the rest for those who believe in the very existence of the most high God, 


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