" The Greatest Joy is That Particular Joy I derived From Seen My Mom Smile, Will Make You Proud Someday My Precious Mother I Love You. - Africans Hair


Friday, May 13, 2022

The Greatest Joy is That Particular Joy I derived From Seen My Mom Smile, Will Make You Proud Someday My Precious Mother I Love You.

 The truth about this very article which I am compiling together in accordance about meeting with my mom is that I love her so much and cherish my mom just like every other person would gladly admit loving their own biological mother's the same way I do to my mom as her most loved son,  

I have to make out the accurate time to go home and spend time with her and on getting there it was discovered that my mom went to the farm and probably might be on her way back home or still busy working as it was almost time for her to be back home, But one thing led to the other after remembering the very love she kept strong working tirelessly since we where kids and never allowed us to starve for any reason not minding how many of us as she was catering for us since our childhood and still sharing the love although  her marriage life making sure our father also sees her confidence as the very strong woman he got for his self as a wife, 

This made me head straight to the farm to accompany her home and make her see the happiness in me for meeting her up strong and healthy,My mom saw me and was very happy to and extent she demanded for a huge which was already in my mind prepared and waiting for us to share it as it is always with me and my mom when ever we see each other especially if it's been a little while we last saw each other, 

And my mom after the huge laughed ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ gently and said to me,

Son, Everything will be fine and better soon, She added that she is over exited for seen me healthy and strong, So I gently asked her if I can take this pictures and have them in my phone to show my friends when I return back to the city because most of them won't be able to place the real picture of my mother except I show them the picture of my mother, She also asked if her working clothes is also nice for the pictures which I strongly accepted that the clothes are perfect because I accepted her in the picture and not what she is wearing remembering how she accepted taking care of me and my siblings from the beginning till this very moment, 

So my mom was sincerely happy and very free to take this pictures with me in as much as it is going to make me happy she said, And she also extended her salutations to all my friends and families in the city, Thanking them for always standing strong by her son which was one of the very many reasons why I was able to grow stronger and have the able bodied strength to travel by grace and meet her at the village. She said that she might not be there to show you all how much she cares and love you guys, But she also do love you all immensely, 

This is even one of the reasons our dad always feels happy having her as his wife and proud each time the whole family comes together as one to have e quiet time as one, My mom was the first wife and mother of six loosing our eldest daughter to some kind of illness which she battled with some years ago between the year 2007-2008 While in her husband's place and finally lost her life to it when we where yet in school and since then our mom stood strong never to allow any harm come to us hence she is alive and even after that, 

Mother's  are very beautiful and amazing in every way possible to start with, My mom have proudly engaged her self in lot of trades just to make sure we where never starved for anything,She sheltered me and my siblings and provided all throughout the moment she was in the city till the very moment she decided to relocate to the village and have a moment of her self as an elderly mother with her old time mates whom are in the village living their old age running some little farm businesses to also keep them stronger and better in their health  conditions as she added, This was also not my idea of any sort because I am always comfortable with her in any way it is and will forever be comfortable with her even in the nearest future, 

My mom is my best friend and i can never deny it anytime I come to think about it because we are always happy together and misses each other when we are apart from each other for any reason, 

 Anthonia Ukpa is what my mom is been called,While some people called her the very popular name they call my grandma which is also her name sake (Udu Nwa Guy) Guy woman as it implies, Because she is always happy and believes she is also the prettiest woman on earth ๐ŸŒ and I admit my mom is the prettiest expect you want to argue with your keypad,

So if you have a mom and you don't brag about your mom I think is the best time to tell you that you are missing out on this very section, It is not actually an easy thing to have your mom alive today and I will also share my sincere sympathy with those whom might have lost their mothers under one circumstances or the other, 

Believe me is going to be a big burden the feelings to what it would look like loosing your mother's, But I believe they all have the right hand side of God in heaven, 

Mother's are the very best and all the very best you can ever have, 

Give your mom all you have while you have the opportunity to do so, Smile, Joke's, Gist, All the very happiness she deserves, I love my mom and don't know about you, 

Tell us the very best thing your mom ever did for you that you never forget and kept wishing to pay her in a better way one special day to come, 

Me) Sitting in the class from the beginning of the class to the very end of the class to make sure I studied for that very day I told her I can not stay hence she leaves the school, 

Share your thoughts and prayers below, 

We are here to always vibe along with each other as one family and do say I love you so much to all the mother's out there, 

I my self and I (Emenike Okoro) Shares my rose of love to all mother's across the globe ๐ŸŒ from the family of (Mr Edward Okoro

Also she screenshot of replies I got from many people. 


to tell your mom I love her with all the positive love she can get from me. 

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