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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

This Can Only Be God And His Amazing Signs And Wonders (Mohinder Singh Gill And His Wife Kaur Welcomes First child In Their Seventies) .

 The Indian trending mom Kaur whom just gave birth at the age of 70 clarifies everyone who might have come across this content to believe that there will never be a time too late to become a mother for the first time in the history of life, And she added for everyone to understand that life has no bounds or measures when it comes to heavenly blessings to every individual,She was equally so excited as her own motherly story is just begun, 

Lady Daljinder Kaur  gave birth on April 19, 2016, to a boy following two years of treatment at a fertility clinic in the northern state of Haryana. After nearly many decades of marriage, Daljinder Kaur and her 79-year-old husband, Mohinder Singh Gill  welcomed their first child peacefully and in good health, This is openly a sign that no one can do it better than God.

He will never be late in everything he does not check what people think or say concerning some certain things in life, He does it when he feels it's right. 

 The family admitted how they feels to be blessed  holding their own baby in their hand over many years of marriage. The lady said she had lost hope of becoming a mother in her life ever before the heavenly miracle said Daljinder Kaur

She said they both have been married for 46 years, And they had almost lost hope of having a child ever and had faced criticism  from different sources in a country where fertility sometimes seens as a curse from God to his people.

They happily admitted that God heard their prayers. Now their dear life feels complete currently for carrying their own baby. Daljinder Kaur added that she will be looking after the baby all by her self, Saying that she feel so full of energy and alertness for what God has done for her family. My husband is also a very caring husband and helps me as much as he can,

Daljinder Kaur told AFP from the northern city of Amritsar

That when they saw the (ⒾⒻⓋ ) advert, they thought it would be nice they also give it a try as the family wanted to have a baby of their own by all means” she said.

“And she said everyone asked her to adopt a baby instead of waiting for God's time which she never accepted the idea believing that God will do something great in their lives concerning the baby, 

Now she also said she  never wanted to. She had faith in Almighty and knew her family will welcome a baby one day,” 

Daljinder Kaurg guessed her age to be about 70, which is common in India, where many people don’t have birth certificates, but the clinic said she was 72 at the very moment of this good news, 

The baby was conceived using the couple’s own egg and sperm, And the baby is “healthy and hearty” after weighing just two kilograms (4.4 pounds) at birth on April 19, the National Fertility and Test Tube center said the lady.

This is a prove evidently made for those whom never believed in the existence of God in many occasions when they are physically emotionally or mentally challenged, God is not a man that normally believes in publicity and announcement for every little thing man wants to do, 

God sets his plans straight and never allow anyone dictate his secrets in so many mysterious ways, You must have had encounter in your life be it in any way or the other, 

God is good and always amazing, Just take a good look at the family of Mohinder Singh Gill for an example as one of the most attractive things God can do, 

Now is time to hear from you all the thoughts and suggestions you have to make concerning this good news. 

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