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Monday, May 30, 2022

True Africans Can Relate (Each Picture You Know, Describes Your Childhood Experience As An African)


This is to certify a memorable childhood experience and history becoming a true African and a suitably accomplished childhood experience in my motherland,And it would never have been completed without remarking some of the signs achieved which is equally notable by other true Africans,

Like in in the world of the blacks it means a lot sharing equal experience which is more identifiable with what other people can easily relate to when it comes to the specific topic,

How many of us came across this days of carnal  life and joyful theories in one accomplishments of a better future,

Now tell me who knows not cabin biscuits and during  the primaries stage in the nigerian/African history depending on the year you are specifically talking about underlining from your region as one peaceful soul where ever you are.
Nylon yoghurt in the African history has more alike in similarities of denominational differences, But one thing in common which is the packaging on each nylons it comes with and the truth behind this stands to be the same,Which is, Some of this actually acquainted yoghurts if not in a nylon pack, Then it has to be coming in a dried leaf foil,

How about the book of my Bible story, 

How many of you can apparently disclose the years of experience and the mostly used topics in this same said years notably, 

Schools and the grades,

The abilities to understand the real pictures and give the right informations at the right time and make it easier to underline it's similarities. 

This was actually one of those days life was as simple as every simple thing life can offer, When there was no much competition on who is trending on the media and who is not,Farming was actually the trend and only few parents accepted to send their kids off for apprenticeship or even accept to admit their kids to the educational sector's, 

Look at this grade of television and tell me if you have been across this,Many people have to go through lot of embarrassment just to watch contents from this television from those parents who where able to acquaint this or their children's,I could vividly remember been told to go and take my bath if at any means I would be part of the people to be allowed to watch the movies displayed in this very television,

The intentions of sharing the informations and pictures regarding this very childhood experience and history considering the joy that it places before our very own eyes and  lives are simple 

Share your thoughts first, 

I will share mine after you.

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