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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Visit Amaka Beauty Saloon Now Open In Egbeagu Village Amansea In Awka North Near Unizik


When you come to African braids then there are professionals that needs to be considered and equally recommendable for your positive patronages, Hair braids are universal threads that is always forward and acknowledgeable to be withhold in as much as the job person has the rightful skills for this jobs, They can easily improvise and adapt any new skills on the trend when possible and available on the go,


We need to also get you openly informed about some persons whom has achieved many goals with the right egos in braiding and still proven positive to win on the journey of braiding universally on issues literally concerned in accordance to braids and yet to be discovered hairstyles on the way,

Sometimes you meet up with contents with such complexity you wouldn't be so encouraged to ignore, Some of our brothers and sister's in this line of business are really amazing and truly making us proud with their quality and standard delivery on this very braiding craft and one of this persons you wouldn't want to miss getting to know her is popularly known by the name (Amaka) 

This is one of the most influential young women recommendable on the positive page line when considering African hair braids both in teaching the job and raising more star's, She is very calm and a happy young lady very young of age whom gives out her most precious time braiding people's hair and taken their facial looks to another level with her charming touches,

She also have pro-experience in make up including nails and all that is attachable to beauty fashion and well programmed fashionable looks at her own call and scheduled time.


Her shop is located somewhere around the (UNIZIK) Schools Awka just behind the school in a community named Amanse,Where she finds delighted to deliver all her jobs and win big with her extremely beautiful working attitude,

You have to try and also testify how trusted this young lady can also be with lot of worker's whom are available to promote the job and make it easy for your time to also be safeguarded,

Not like some other official her braiding offices with low and slow delivery standard which makes you feel like never to come back next time after a one moment patronage.

This very style's are you seen right now are just few of the delivered jobs from her own very office and team's working tirelessly to give the whole world a better look fighting hard to meet up with some global recognition,

She promised to always serve all her clients with immensity and loyalty, And believe me she is a symbol of trust when talking about her job and skills in the very craft, Smiling as she does the jobs making sure she keeps you strongly entertained while having the contract together to help you develop the interest to return back after the first time patronage,


I want us to always promote this craft's and help it grow with a lovable assistant in which ever way we can,Sharing the samples and recommending people to patronize them in their places of work and help them grow,There is never a better way to grow in your line of business better than the larger means of delivery on this very particular jobs are good in doing,

It help's you learn new ideas while meeting new and different options from your clients, And if positive results where strongly achieved in the end of the delivery sections, Even if those are your first time handling such styles then is a bonus to you on the line of craft for having secured a bonus experience.

Let's contact her by calling >>+234 913 485 1512 And also help share your thoughts then make sure it reaches your family and also friends.

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