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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Before The Election : See This And Thank Me Later


I love young men with a constant thoughts, Creating ideas that can subsequently help in resolving much of unnecessary arguments  between the innocent people !

Caption this quote,

They should at least hold the Nigerian flags for five minutes and this is to proudly say someone would need a stretcher to go home!

Not really that funny,

He also started the whole of it by asking everyone to forget about eloquence and talk about simple metrics and make it a more simplified examination for the public to announce the results so far,

But I am not here in condemnation of anybody and to make this easy and fare,

I will gladly admit the need for good governance that can offer it's people freedom of citizenship, Here every little thing can start up a fight unnecessarily even common #20 twenty nigerian can make one loose their lives if you take it common, 

Do you really understand what this is all about, It is as a result of bad governance and governmental system with so many people totally concerned and desperately distracted religiously and otherwise!

Good government would never be religiously minded beyond the positivity of it's own people, The citizens and all the inhabitants, 

Share your comments below, 

We can make the change and remember I love you.

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