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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Before You Sale Your Vote As A Nigerian (Here Are Tips To Keep You Informed Of The consequences)


Read what is happening in the country you call your own and willing to sale your votes for, What they has to say concerning a durable finance which was supposed to either be invested for the countries interest or shared amongst it's people!

The federal government has disbursed the entire $ 322.5 million Abacha loot of 2017 to1.9 million poor and vulnerable Nigerians

The question still remains the same, Who are this so called poor vulnerable Nigerians that the $ 322.5 million Abacha loot was shared to,Who are the 1.9 million nigerians that received this money!

Before making the disbursement the money accured of interest of $ 11 million where it was deposited and yet it was said to have been shared amongst 1.9 million poor vulnerable Nigerians equally, 

And yet you are believing to receive a #1000 or highest a #2000 to #3000 or #4000 to sale your votes which is the only right you have to chose the right candidate for a mare coin and stand to suffer the whole of your life rooming the street looking for whom to blame that is the cause of your problems.


Mr David ugolor,Executive Director of ANEEJ,An independent monitor providing funds report on the use of  the funds, He made this disclosure at Abuja yesterday.

Mr Ugolor told reporters that the Abacha loot is exhausted ando the interest of $ 11 million was accrued in The money where it was saved to around 1.9 million poor Nigerians within the countr...

Ugolor added that no politically motivated data was used in selecting the beneficially advanced Nigerian's whom might have received this money been shared amongst 1.9 million people of Nigeria

The National social register was accused to determine those who will benefit from this money and  the register is updated regularly to remove the names of those who have died.

According to the ANEEJ executive Director the Abacha loot that was recovered have been exhausted,

Now I want you to understand that Ugolor is still rooming the street very free and not even a single opposition have been drawn near to make him give a durable account of who this 1.9 million Nigerian's are and yet you are planing on to sale your votes for a little coin,

Now he added we have a responsibility to inform Nigerians and then to make sure to tell them what the money was used for.

He noted that, " it is a very controversial issue that people sit down at home and begin to point fingers that Abacha's  money has been stolen what we have done with this monitoring is very ground breaking. "

Ugolor said ANEEJ will publish by  the end of next month, state by state data of how the money was disbursed,

You have to think about this particular case and also remember those that where shoot dead 20/10/2020 at Lekki tour gate in Lagos, 

This where your loved ones and also family and friends fighting for their rights which would have been preferred to be resolved amongst the governmental system what exactly this youths wants but no, They sent troops of military personnels to shoot at this peaceful protesters!

Maybe none of your family and friends where hurt and harmed at the process, But what if tomorrow comes and makes them a victim of such incidents, You have to understand that all rights can not make a wrong and all wrong can never make it right,

Look closely to the military services rendered within the country how tribal and religious they seem to be starting from the top to the lowest ranked officials and tell me you still want to remain under the same sovereignty, 

I am not just Obidient for writing this attractive articles for you to read,But I am loyal and honest to my country and the hope in God,

Let's make history again with love and win bigger than their expectations. 

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