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Friday, June 17, 2022

Something About Peter Obi's Supporters (Read)

This is the very first time in the history of Nigeria to have experienced much hate and neglecting an aspirant who is yet to be enthroned into a particular office in the country, This people have quietly come to realize the rate which all Nigerian youth's all over the country strongly focus on accepting this very candidate even after joining a party they thought had nothing to offer and yet standing the top list amongst the rest when the campaign is still trying to begin!

You all have to remember that we the citizens of Nigeria have been suffering from the bribery minded political standards which have for decades remained the very best skills all the Nigerian politicians have wholesomely adapted leaving few exceptional persons whom are truly different, And equally not comparable to this very out listed numbers, But amongst them is the name (Peter Obi The Stingy Man) But ISchool's the stingy part of this very candidate with all the verifiable informational credentials he wholeheartedly presented on the press with rightful details and proves,

Now you are also to remember what this hate can equally be classified to when been properly examined, In every region you have to understand that when ever you are very sincere and straight forward, Be it in business/School's/Offices/ Denominational sectors or even more,That is the very moment you start becoming the most negative person in that sector,

But God in his infinite glory never reacts to what men see concerning their fellow man and also never takes actions according to their basis of understanding about another fellow because he equally know men can be easily over shadowed with their judgemental characters which leaves none purely acceptable than another in his presence for making men equal before him in exception of your qualification's and grades in life! 

If you as a young man or even and elderly man whom is either living abroad or within the country testifies of not been affected by the corruptionists ruling this very country then you have to put up your hands in the air and I will show you leaking areas in the governmental system and allow you to prove me wrong twice after that!

I have gently observed the circles of those pushing forward towards restoring and restructuring a better governance by the means of supporting and encouraging the (Peter Obi) And the (Obidient) Movement as a voluntarily organization with no financial interest and yet they don't ask for money in return as they push forward to make sure they restore good governance amongst all citizens of the country,

This very people and all the yet to arrive members on the way whom are yet to come and going the movement is this, They had one thing in common which I will publicly announce to you as you read ahead, Mark my word and do not forget to remember when I said this!



This sect of people which I have closely observed have a strong and liveliness in loving each other passionately without minding or judging you by your tribe or even color hence you are strongly pushing towards same goals as they all do which is the restoration of good governance through supporting Mr Peter Obi As their most delightful candidate for the Nigerian presidency comes 2023 which I would obediently accept been a complete member of this lovely team, And been obedient with the code of not giving Shi Shi in exception of working and impacting lives positively on things that can be told in the future and not rather bribery,


Like it's been publicly announced never to argue with Peter Obi's supporters no matter the amount of strength you have,I will strongly accept that as a word of fear for blind arguments with no sensitivity in it,

Remember in an argumentative essays you only win with sensitive facts and not exclamations, His supporters are not outdated and none of them stands a blind argument without the most positive results to a fact in what soever they do and talk about as this successful movement is still going on,

This is another reason why they kept on emerging stronger by every passing day even before the very day of the election,


This people are the most supportive sect of people and not in a bribery form, I have seen this on all of them ever since when it comes to the aim for restoring good governance amongst its people and Nigeria at large,

Been supportive has a very outstanding differences between bribery minded political standards which has for long been the most suitable system in the Nigerian political strategy and now about to be changed to something better and more unique!

The so called government believes to kill anyone who says the truth and remains under the pressures of godfather's and this made them become subjects of corruption when the people they look up to turns out to quote what is wrong to be right, And they obey dew to fea, Then this is very bad for any country seeking for good governance to achieve it.


This sect of people don't talk like confused sect of people, Playing bias and none organized sect of people, This particular people are very arranged and organized no matter the differences in their tribes they push forward towards one voice and one goals been same good governance and always having fact's to prove to you that they are uniquely organized!

They still do everything with love and open minded people when it comes to the grade of maturity they display, And this is another great strength to achieving greatness in line with the fact for good governance and makes them surely hopeful to win the Nigerian presidency comes 2023 only by keeping up strong within them as they always believes in success and all that comes with it in God's protection.


This guys I chose to call believers would better be described according to your own definition of a believer,

But first, A believer, If you are a great believer in something, you think that it is good, right,useful and wise to stand strong within the range of your believes,

But here is a very lovely hint about real believers if it's found worthy, Then it should be worthy of Gods blessings, Not just believing but how worthy is your believes before the creator of all things,

I know there is nothing I can say here to make it approving to all my readers, But you still have the comment sections for your perfect lines,Thank you all.

I am obedient.

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