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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The Youths Have A Message : (Davido / Ruger And Erigga Has Something To Say)



From what singer Davido is saying about showing this people in the next election, I think many people would hardly find it challenging to understand the pure point here,Davido might equally mean something different from my own perspectives but yet inline with my kind observations as a young man whom grew up in this same country with a cruel organizations of human laws abided within the citizens,

In the current governmental reign i thinks lot of people ignores the youth's when making contributions to the importance of governance except when they are required to come out and massively vote for the aspirants of their choice while the choice can never be made out from the youth's in Nigeria.

We so much believe in one Nigeria and has more work to lay our emphasis on,Things that needs to be done right are been done wrong and things that list demands attention are been giving excessiveness of attention making all of this things get mixed up without the appropriate calculations which should have been the very first thing to be fixed from the start.

In schools we are believed to be the leader's of a tomorrow that never comes and lot of previews have been made and landing us to a discovery that most of our leader's and constitutions relies on the age range of the appointees,

We want better and wants to try another method hence the previous method have never been working out,Let's rise as one and do this from the voice we can deliver a suitable message but actions are better off in demonstration,

I believe any sort of reactions you end up getting from the youth's presently is not going to be that bad to the exemplary of what is happening in Nigeria currently but I don't encourage violence either,

With strategic plans we can make up something which I so much believe can equally benefit our father's and mother's out there,This constitution's have been made by older people if you must ask for my own answers,

Now think about this in the other way and get to understand what it means for a youth to carry out tasks for older people, You must do it their own very way and each of such ways must include their benefits and positive aims,They are focused on self actualization and believes the end gain is to make you happy,

But let's set an example with the older traditions most of our parents believed in when it comes to marriage in most African countries, Some never allowed their children's marry outside their own communities except it's applicable to their sect of traditions and laws,Now the colony came in and church equally played a basic role in making them accept the power of love which up till now many parents still have one or more reasons to be paranoid with their happily married children for just that same reason not marrying the exact person or from the exact place they wanted them to marry from,

And if you get closer and look into the families that lived honourably without too much concerns on the laws and traditions of their tribe hence they don't fight against it,You see that they are still doing good in all circles of their lives,

I am not condemning anyone's traditional laws or implementations, But within this laws there are much to emphasize on mostly the negative aspects, If a law be very clean and pure, Then the laws will be of positive influence to the people observing such law's,

Getting gun's will only increase the level of crimes in the societies when everyone is up for violence, Let's chose the right part and work towards something positive,

This are certain issues that needs considerations and we can make our own suggestions,

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