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Friday, June 24, 2022

Things Most People Needs To Know About Relationship


Before you start making unnecessary conclusions about your relationship database, I bet you wouldn't want to focus your thoughts on same perspectives after reading this which someone made out his precious time to write about different relationship believes;

Some end up saying he used me, I suffered with him after all I did for him and yet he dumped me!

Look and get some of this facts as he writer's, My dear if you did not give him your kidney, Or all your fathers land or give him a loan, He concluded that you did nothing! And not to be so fast in saying he did anything wrong to you if he left;

He went ahead to add that you drank garri with him, That this was actually possible because you yourself was broke and had no other option if not, You would have prepared a better food for the both of you which would have served better than drinking the garri instead.

He went ahead to state that you stayed in the gutter with him doesn't result to be a pronounceable sacrifice because if you had a palace, He said you wouldn't have abandoned the palace to sleep in the gutter's with him.

Now let's come to the issue about using you and dumping you, He said my dear, If it's in a mutual condition, Then you shouldn't say he used you. Because you both had fun and used yourselves instead of concluding he alone used you..

And adding that the  only reason why you feel hurt and left out is because you abandoned yourself in his shadow and fail to accept the real perspective which needs considerations..

He added that you lost yourself in him,Then while he's staying up at night to think outside the box of your shadows, While he's setting goals and achieving it,You were so busy counting the days waiting for him to make it/ To hammer as been described in Nigeria when it comes to describing success or achievement, While he was investing in his future,You left yours stagnant without any meaningful longtime plans while waiting for his own goals to change your own story!

A young guy is struggling to survive,struggling to win and this means to make in life, I bet you but you will come in form of girlfriend to ask him money for hair,shoes, This that and even pad thereby spending what he is  supposed to be saving and at the end, You Wake's up and talked on how he used you, on how you suffered with him...


Whenever I hear this statement, I suffered with him when he was broke.

What comes to this my silly mind is

I slept with him for free when he had no money. Now that he's supposed to be paying,he left me(I know my mind is crazy)

My point my dearest is,if you did not contribute  anything tangible either in cash,assistance or idea anything  that is progressive or crucial towards his successfulness, Then please don't play victim.

Times are changing,men are no longer the only ones winning read!

Women are now bread winners too, So while you are performing wife duties to a single man,please think of your own entity..

Sex is not enough

Love is not enough

Have purpose

But what do I know? Just said my mind he concluded!

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