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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Vote Peter Obi And Aisha Yesufu Incoming (President and Vice president of Nigeria)


Dont be negative minded and don't stop believing in yourself and in what your PVC can do, 

All you have to do is  strongly believe  that we are taking back Nigeria to make it work again!

 Just be Obidient and strong because with God all things are possible and we must win with those that the society looks down on we can make it happen,

 And remember that  this is the kind of people God works with!

To become successful in anything including politics you must believe and have faith in yourself without doubt or listening to hear the say or discouragement from people around,

 You will see yourself doing exploit and attracting the success that you want to see in yourself, Even when people didn't believe in it!

 The movement that with God on my side and your side everything is possible including corrupt politics of Nigeria will be put to shame, 

When God is your support there is no need for protocols!

The reality remains and nothing can change this with the current situation of things in Nigeria, 

Our women have been totally neglected and ignored only functional when their votes counts, We say no to injustice and have to make it right this time,

Our men whom have been leading the board of directives equally corrupted within their minds with so many bribes all in the name of good governance,

The time is now and we can not just handle this alone,

Let's do this with love and win bigger than their expectations obedience is the key!

2023 elections would shock many people !

Imagine the magic which this ticket can do in the history of Africa, Nigeria and the world at large!

Nobody in the history of  Nigerian elections have been so bold enough to chose a woman on the ballot either as number one or two!

Yet, Women always make    up at least 55% of the total population in every country even Nigeria!

Despite the fact that this very ticket is being considered alone but yet one of the very big win for all the nigerian women and great news in Africa to retain giants again!

Aisha Yesufu is a round peg in a round hole!

She is a Muslim - Religious Balance!

She is a woman - Gender Quality!

She is young and vibrant !

She is an activist that has shown here passion for her dear country and one of the fact that shows her passion for good governance on countless occasions!

From #BBOG, #EndSars etc.

She represents the Soro Sole generation!

Just wish to know if the nigerian women are ready to make this change!

This is the right time,The moment we all have been waiting for!

As we all remain obediently patient, Please   keep spreading the good news,

Obi would make Nigerians proud!

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