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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Lets Learn From His Experience And Win Bigger By Faith.


7 years ago, I visited Dubai to pamper myself after doing my single biggest deal at that time, 30 million Naira. The profit left that I could use to travel was less than N1 million. 

When I visited Dubai, it took almost 80 Naira to get 1 Dubai Dirhams. I visited Dubai Mall with my cousin and tried to buy a ticket to visit the top of Burj Khalifa. Unfortunately, when I converted it to Naira, I couldn’t afford it. I returned to my bedbug-infested bed in Deira. I didn’t even know what I was missing until years later. 

Today, the same man who couldn’t afford touring Burj Khalifa is now a resident of Burj Khalifa (The World’s Tallest Building). 

We must invest in dreams by rugged pursuit of the same dream. My wife said the first time I brought her to Dubai and we toured Burj Khalifa, I told her, “One day we will be able to afford to live here.” That is exactly what has happened now. I couldn’t even remember, but the truth remains, I am a man of pursuit. When I set my eyes on something, no matter how long it takes, I will get it done!!! 

Don’t ever underrate a man or woman who is committed to the pursuit of his dreams. 

My sermon to you today is, “What is your dream? Are you ruggedly pursuing it? Or are you just fantasizing about it and doing nothing?"

Men and women of dreams must be committed to the pursuit of the dream if it will come to pass. Dreams are good but the pursuit is better. For example, without being a committed Real Estate investor, I will not be here! 

When we moved to Dubai, I didn’t get myself a residence, I focus on getting good office space, built a team and we started investing in several properties for ourselves and our clients and cash flow started. I even got a staff guest house. Burj Khalifa is my first residence in Dubai, but it’s the best residence in Dubai.😊

The best is reserved for the best investor. Always buy investment assets before residential assets. Where you live is not an asset because it doesn’t generate more revenue, but where you buy and rent out to tenants is a better asset than where you live. 

Invest in the pursuit of knowledge that will help you become a better investor even before investing. 

Reporting with love, live from the tallest building in the world.

Dr. Stephen Akintayo.

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