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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Let's Look Into This And Share Our Thoughts Over It.


One of the biggest insults frequently hauled at nigerians are from both movie and music stars.

I mean, what do they really take nigerians for? Is it because we dances to their music or watch their movies that made them think our love towards them can be used as a bait to catch us and hand us over to our enemies?

Who are you to endorse a politician we all had rejected and then expects us as your fans to vote for that particular politician because you had collected money and endorsed him? Are you madd?

What do they really takes us for ? Fools??? They did be right to take us as foools anyway because judging from what I see on this social media, foools are better than some Nigerians?

A musician/actor will collect #10million to endorse a devil's cousin and then force us all to vote him. And once Nigerians hears that such a politician are been supported by music/movie stars, boom, he has become a better candidate we must vote for . He/she will then use the #10million to take care of himself for the next four years while we all will be under the punishment of that politician if he wins. Tufiakwa !!!

I think it is high time we all begin to unfollow any celebrity that took us as foools. Enough of this rubbish.

I am not saying you must accept my choice of candidate, but you must not collect money to endorse any candidate. You all are the ones that spoil nigerian voters. How can you collect #10million to endorse a politician and then frown when a voter collects #5,000 to sell his/her vote?

This is the reason why no nigerian celebrity is my role model because there is nothing to learn from them.

Come 2023 election, that particular politician you as a celebrity endorsed is the one we all will vote against. Enough of this rubbish!!!

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