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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

MUSIC: Cyprian SZN - Toxic [Prod By Baad]


Cyprian SZN is a Fusion Singer/Songwriter from Lagos, Nigeria. He’s also a Petroleum Engineering student of University of Ibadan. He enjoy writing and making music as well as performing to anyone who would listen. 

He started his music from his missionary primary school choir where he was the band captain and pianist. Professionally, his music started with the stage name Cyprian Alakija with his first single titled “Love Talk”. His music is a blend of afro-pop, afrobeats and soul. His style and vibe of music is definitely one for the ladies talking about love, heartbreak & perfection. His goal is to make music with good lyrical content that is relatable to everyone. 

“Toxic” by Cyprian SZN is the lead single off his “Bad Boy Worldwide” - EP. 

It’s a storytelling record with illustrative and colorful representation of a love experience. We would all like to do without “Toxic Love” but it’s a thing and this song depicts that reality. It captures the need of the victim of the toxicity with lines like: “Some say our love is toxic, but me I go dey lovesick, when me I no dey with ya”. 

The song is produced by Baad. It is written and performed by Cyprian SZN. 


Connect with Cyprian SZN:

Twitter: @cyprianszn_

Instagram: @cyprianszn

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