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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Download Latest Music :Afnrican Terminator By Beadoski (Ep)

Beadoski EP album title AFRICAN TERMINATOR

Victor Chinecherem Ugwuanyi known as Beadoski mpanansuka, he's from Enugu State Igbo_eze South local government Nsuka 

Beadoski, A.KA Mpanansuka  was  Born in his village isiagu ibagwa aka IGBO_EZE_SOUTH on 28/12/1997  and he  was brought up in Peva Chanchanji Takum local Government Taraba State district, Beadoski was fully  studied and graduated  in Andrew Terfa academy secondary School in Peva Chanchanji Takum local Government, after his study in Peva Chanchanji he stayed in PLATEAU STATE JOS for life hustle hustle, and was a Keke driver in Jos from 2018 to 2021 he left Jos to acra Ghana) but normally he started his music career from his teenage when he was a little boy from 5 years, even he was the best music dancer in his primary and secondary School level, this guy is extremely talented and gifted as a  dancer, and as singer but could you know that beadoski specialized in dancing for years going to places for compilations, before, he now find out fully that he can sing very well and that was when he drop his first track called Jogo on (14 of December 2018) and God started making ways for beadoski as time goes on he come up with this amazing emotional and touching EP album title AFRICAN TERMINATOR, with more two tracks included in album (2) Coded ft paraclete (3)  Happy

 the reason and inspiration that come over Beadoski A.K.A mpanansuka, dropping this EP was because of some conflicts by his best close  friends that also make music in the same entertainment circle with him, From their miss conduct there was this day it happened Beadoski had an appointment of a show about, matric in  PLATEAU STATE UNIVERSITY OF JOS, and the painful part it, was that he was the one who invited this two friends who also  called an music artists, so when after the this matric show competition ended it happened by will of God, that Beadoski whon the best performance in that matric party, so those of his two friends that he takes a long for featuring this show, got an anguish action on Beadosk envying him, so on the way going back after the show this Beadoski two friends come out with a dagger knife trying to stab Beadoski and for God intervention beadoski fought them and difit all of them with his actions, and both run away, and  that was how  beadoski came up with this inspirational and stories line EP album Title AFRICAN TERMINATOR

This is one of this very ep you will never love to miss vibing to my lovely ones.


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