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Friday, April 22, 2022

Davido Is The Best Amongst African Entertainers With A Caring Heart, Check What He did And Yet It Was Unannounced

 If @Davido could go as far as donating N10 million naira unannounced in support for Mr Ibu's health disorder, 

Then I must confess he is now one of my best, 

Some other artists will involve the radio and TV 📺  personnel's just to let the whole world hear this, 

But he gently did the donation and remained silent waiting to see if anyone from the said circle will prove him positive some day, 

And to the greatest of all, The movies maker and legend survived safely, This is such act's we all want as an evidence to proving self righteous, 

Please with an immense amount of truth concerning this legendary hit maker's status having lot of hate speech going up and down where lot of people will move from their various destinations to the other just to hike his name wrongly in the hearing of people, 

I think for been a supporter of a different artists doesn't give you such power of criticism amongst other people, 
Even if you don't recognize his songs to properly represent one of the top songs in your music playlist, 

I still recommend you to welcome his good heart for always being supportive and generous to people around him and far on a wide range, 

Mention the name's of artists in your so call list outside @Donjazzy, @Olamide @Davido who have really changed the life of people around them recounting not age/Race/Not even tribes, 

The fact that we all have privacy policies does not guarantee us the right to become though to people, 

You can be a great person from time to time, But creating a living and positive impact In the lives of people remains the highest and I think (@Davido) is perfectly playing good in delivering that role. 

Tell me to the sincerity from your heart, How many of your role model's looks this good and expensive then yet Reserve's a single cash to touch lives, 


And this is not either the first or second time he is actually doing such things, 

He said not even a single word about this good did, 

And God will continue to bless him, 

This is not just all about trending up and down then sharing net worth all over the magazines,

The only way forward is by touching lives and sharing the grace we are been given together, 

I support Davido.

 Always remember to contact us for all your publications via  08160079184,

Help share please. 

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