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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

It's All About Olivia Slimzy's Pop Passing Out parade Celebration (The very Talk In Town Currently For 18+)

 Currently As Olivia Slimzy's pop passing out parade celebration draws near to the original date of the show,

Here are some little or more advice and guidelines on what is required about the party to help put you in line, 

The porn cum super model who is based in awka Anambra State Nigeria is a very courageous and self determined personnel with a sincere virtue, 

She has a message to all those coming to the celebration in collaboration with her appearance to only acquire stuffs like G-string and avoid been bounced outside in her own rules to the passing out parade,

And this is a clear message to all the ladies whom wished to join her up in the party ,

 She still sends a strong information allowing all participants to be aware that the parade party is and orgy show is meant only for people at the age of 18+ And also be reminded that her gallant bouncers will be at alert watching from the entrance gate to  search every one coming in to assure that they have fully arrived at the venue with a  G-string collection of pants, 

She further explained that those whom will be attending to the party under 18+ And without a  G-string would be forced to go home regardless of whom soever it might turn to be,


So all attendants are advised to come along with a G-string collection of pants to avoid been sent home,

Olivia assures all the attendants to be free and accept her promise on security bases concerning any sort of disclosure of videos or pictures to be taken in the venue of the party, 

As she will make sure no mobile phone /Gadgets /HD Cameras would be allowed to operate in her orgy pop G-string 18+ Party


This is officially standard for people above 18+ And a memorable orgy party you wouldn't want to miss, 

Some sensitive presentations from her will yet be disclosed to anyone else till the day comes up and all will be unveiled at the party venue, 


With no discrimination and also selfless pride and unnecessary excuses, 

We wouldn't want to hear any excuse or reasons why you would be missing in the party venue on that day, 

Be nice in the comment section and let us hear what you have to say, 

All address and date is listed and indicated on the header banner of the post, 

Just read gently and be properly informed. 

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