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Saturday, April 23, 2022

LATEST LOGO FOR @AFRICANHAIRS_BLOG MUSIC BRAND : where the good craft have lead us.

Less than enough members of @africanhairs_blog  can hardly accept the new development in my graphics designing skills which I presume is not their faults anyway, 

I have been doing this within and abroad without too much noise actually and it has ever been lovely doing that in that way. 

I will do this for the love of good craft and grace related concern and focus for credible account of my humble history as time goes on amongst the living, 

Most times I tell my verse along the street with joy smiling and recalling behind and viewing beyond the future ahead and yet it helped me pull through and still kicking for more, 

On my bio it has nothing much to talk about than the action can speak of me,Because in working for good results we don't welcome noise and blagging, 

We only acknowledge quality delivery and also stable time reviews making the time we invest a worth for what it's been used for, 

Talking everyday and night would never guarantee you craft success except you pick up your tools and get into action, 

So we can work this results out by getting in touch for more deliveries ahead, 

You are openly allowed to meet me up via:-

πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ 

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

Facebook page >>>>@africanhairs_blog

Instagram >>>>>>@africanhairs_blog

Twitter >>>>>>>>@africanhairs_g

Whatsapp >>>>> 08160079184 

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Listen to me all I have to proudly say this and believe me, I am not saying this with pride or any sort of proclamation, 

But believe me, Anything you want to do in life you oath to stand out strongly in your own capacities no matter how little you seem to be within your own hearts πŸ’•. 

I have been so wasted and lost basically been socked with the graphics designing abilities which dwells in the inside of me ordinarily gifted and blessed with rap skills as well  🎿 And lucky to have the opportunity acquainting them to satisfaction and yet learning for more experience, 

It was it with a greater joy within my heart I felt moved to get an audio download logo for #africanhairs_blog website and specifically get each tagged to all my audio uploads from this very moment onward, 

You wouldn't actually also get to know that actually, 
Because some of the credibilities I have got in one way or the other have been kept on a quiet note all waiting for the right time to blast into explorations, 

Let's just say  I have been long gone preparing for this very moment, And all you deserve to do in your own best interest is to link us up and play a roll in giving it a trial, 

All hand's are magically gifted depending on what you make of it as a human, Each time I make this very quote, I remember my father (Mr Edwards O. Eme)  Sometimes it never stops inspiring my inner spirit, 

I am sincerely thankful for you all those who believe in me for a no just course, Sometimes when I feel accepted by you all I appreciate your concern and just say thank you even to those who never had the opportunities to see my face and hear me say it physically to their face, 

We can truly work out some good results putting our head's together in capturing ideas by exploring each others minds in graphics designing or any other craft you would want me to offer, 

This logo is and official logo for @africanhairs_blog audio download template, 

Link up now let's work for you starting from internet publications/Graphics designing /Music explorations like that of rapping /Clapping e.t.c

Remember the media handles and phone lines basically whatsapp. 
Visit, enjoy, comment and also help share. 

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