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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Look at what @idandizzy artist has to say after meeting with @iceprince in portharcourt city of nigeria


 Sometimes there are more or little methods to realizing the reality in your self, Potentially wise as I call this guy @idandizzy for been bravery on his own personal vision, 

So many young people with such talents and potentials in his shoes 👟 might have chosen to stay home and talk against bad government or lack of sponsorship across the region, 

But the genius young man stood against discouragement and pick up 👆 his mp3 Bluetooth music player and lead his way down the street to make fame, 

Remember he equally ignored shyness and what the people would have to say to him, 

The discouragement and fear of been mocked because he strongly believe in positive progress. 


This is what I officially wish the rest of the artists around the globe 🌐 to learn from, 

I know every little start actually has a hope for a big ending, 

And now I don't also know if every big beginning normally had a little ending, 

But I so much believe in positive thoughts and hardworking with more prayer, 

This guy has been making waves with his method of promotions and meeting yet lot of big artist accross and within, 

My shout out goes to all those legendary young guys out there making endless efforts to get to a better position,

May God continue to bless you on daily basis and never seize his protection on you on your dark days, 


We acknowledge craftily hands 👐 

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