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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Let's Join Our Hands Together And Pray For Genevieve Nnaji To Immensely Defeat Her Current Health Challenges

Before you run into conclusions and judging by the words of your mouth and the actions of your kind, Remember that there is not even exceptional part for you to better be fitted with Dew to your innocent looks or beautiful appearances.

No one is truly above mistakes no matter your level or class in life as a living soul,This doesn't exclude grades or qualifications as most people thought professionalism can guarantee you freedom to either become a living saint or even more, 


It has been openly been announced That Super Movie Personnel Who is popularly known as Genevieve Nnaji has (Hospitalized Over Mental Traumatic Conditions) Which so many have arrived with a conclusion that it was caused  by a certain drug abuse as an exclamation without proven evidence as the real causes of health disorders are yet to be revealed by doctors in charge of the treatment of the health condition,

Sometimes public figures witness and experience more fatal situations than the ordinary people who really thought it was as easy as they see things from the outside world and simply make opinions concerning the reality paspectives of other peoples lives derived from the very dimension of their individual thoughts concerning this very person's.  

It was discovered according to some sources whom may merely assume that popular movie maker who is  known as genevieve nnaji a nollywood actress, has reportedly been hospitalized in the United States for mental health issues which is yet to be proven wrong or publicly right.

And some said this comes as an effect caused by the actress’s constant use of hard drugs while running her daily routines and other aspects of her activities in the United States,

But remember to underline this very point as a guess, Because most of the news headlines concerning this very incidents where been delivered with no proven evidence rather than that which comes from the very right source of the incident itself.

Meanwhile it was gathered that according to some informations reaching the general public concerning this very unforeseen circumstances, That the actress is currently down and currently undergoing some  treatment in Houston Texas,

This is to proudly say,  Genevieve nnaji  has been admitted in a hospital in Texas, Though so many presume it's been months now. 

While others insisted that they are hiding the informations regarding her health conditions,  Then some of her fans insist they can't really help but can as well put her in their prayers,

Because it was lately discovered that some of her fans has been questioning her weird attitude of recent on Instagram and the fans has been clueless, While some are even dragging her that she is proud for behaving in such manners for ignoring their presence and using a method of silence on them which was never what she was previously best known for, 

This was after it happened to be discovered that she unfollows everyone on her instagram account recently, And the fans presumed they had to take her phone from her and archive all her post,

Take your thoughts back to when she was posting random weird stuffs on instagram and similar contents as that, 

After which she tattood a cross on her wrist with a blade, This was so terrible that they had to keep a close eye on her, Then she was admitted sometimes this year and we hope she recovers fast, 

And this makes so many people believe her media aid are really working overtime to keep the story out of the public but some people feel they should let the world know so they can’t put her in their prayers and not drag her unnecessarily for been rude on them as her fans, 

But some so called publishers wouldn't mind to underline this information from another direction and wrongly quote that which qualifies their publications to be well accomplished just for the sake of fame and attention, 

Not every information demands the public announcement you all wish it better has, Some certain things which you all see as common might equally be situations you wouldn't even know a single step to control it  if found guilty of such conditions you see this people battling with right now. 

Someone easily said they can come out to debunk it, But it is what it is, they know the truth, sometimes I feel fame demands too much from these celebrities, 

Forgetting that many role models undergo lot of stages and yet keep a secret within themselves to give the face of the world and their fans the most beautiful smiles they can ever offer to them, 

This is entertainment and lot of stories runs within the inside and outside of the house you see beautifully painted with white coated textures of nice images called fame, 

Because you are a fan doesn't equally give you the right to judge or condemn anyone in the name of been a fan, Sometimes you also need to bring up all the motivation you can offer to your role models to help them conquer, 

Let's honestly bow down our heads together in one peace and say strong prayer points on her quick recovery, We all can do this by actions and not sentimental display, 

Make your suggestions on the comment box and remember to always add Genevieve Nnaji as your prayer points for a quick recovery over her health conditions, 

Remain always blessed as you wish others pure blessings. 

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