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Monday, May 2, 2022

Mr Ibu's Daughter Celebrates Dad In Grand Style After Recovery.


I was so filled with happiness hearing the daughter of Nollywood legend, John Okafor (a.k.a Mr. Ibu), Jasmine Chioma Okafor, Who was reportedly tied the knot with her fiance whom she met on Tiktok not to long ago and love which was existing between them made the guy travelled all to way from United States of America to Nigeria to wed her,

And just imagine they have just known each other for only two months and all this was already happening, 

And here is the good news,Comic actor, John Okafor better known as Mr Ibu has recently been given a grand welcome by his daughter following his recovery after the mysterious illness which he was initially battling for survival from the previous days.

If you can remember clearly, The past few months had been noted mysterious for the veteran who was hospitalized following food poisoning from an unknown source or reason, 

Which lot of his fans have been prayingfor him to recover quick and get back on his rolls, 

For God been so kind, The actor received a warm welcome reception from his daughter been Mr Ibu's Daughter after which he becomes so excited and decided to share to the media about his surprise. 

And this is to let her father know exactly  how much she loves him, The daughter went ahead and sang for him to celebrate his escape from death and I guess this was amazing and one of his most precious moments as a father.

If you can recall some time ago ,Mr Ibu spoke out while in the hospital over his illness and how it has been though for him,So this would greatly be welcomed for such a celebration amongst his own family.

The news released about him clearly notified that the actor was hospitalized after he was given a food poison at an event he attended sometime aga.

So while giving a public speech, Mr Ibu said he was poisoned for the third time in about three years and he wouldn't hesitate to deny having been aware about such incidents, 

But I must say this very moment serves as the worst poisoning ever if to be noted amongst the three different number of times he has experienced such.

This was made known while speaking with Saturday Beats from his hospital bed as he was battling for survival, Mr Ibu said his enemies were after his life and was equally praying for survival at that very moment.

So we must say a very big welcome to him for surviving such a mysterious poison,

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