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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Singer Davido Finally Meets With The Richest Man On Earth (Elon Musk)

 If you have a judgemental attitude or trust issues I urge you to know if you are truly a fan of Davido first and foremost I have to say sorry for addressing this headlines vertically unexplanably and a little or more arrogant way, 

Let's just say handling a single fan is more likely to be compared to catching a hunting lion with your bare hands ๐Ÿ‘, 

So what am I trying to say, I wanted to remind you that I am a real fan of Davido and I so much love this guy, 

He is one of the very best in my list, So I #supportingDavido is the code,

I also support you all, Let's feed the love to feed us back in the nearest future, 

What do you get when everything is actually working well and smooth for you publicly, I am going to admit it that you end up getting both love and hate at same time, 

In the other way around, Do you know that success breaks protocols, When ever you become big and real big, You would come to become a protocol breaker, Because some protocols have been reserved for shallow minds and lowly rated person's with limited editions of thoughts, 

Not because this same protocols are more likely accepted or accounted for by the people or person's observing and implementing them on others around them, 

But because the rate in which they missed to be blessed and become wide open and close  to lightening of eye openings to greatness,

In one way or another  makes them remain helpless and thoughtless of nothing but sadness and lot of hate within and outside their subjects. 


I know so much that lot of people would be visiting to check if this post is real, Yes I also have a prove to show it all to you that is more than real and clean, 

One thing I so much love about David Son Of Adeleke and legendary young star ๐ŸŒŸ popularly known as Davido is this ๐Ÿ‘‰ ๐Ÿ‘‰  He makes moves and never stops working for success. 

When you come to the entertainment sect I would probably say he is also one of the most criticised artist and 99% more successful than his co-music artist around and wide, 

Even if I am basically questioned to make a bold statement concerning his well been in the entertainment section, I will gladly admit that the criticism and hate
 been shown or exercised to him most times are counted as part of the very many reasons why he kept on been successful above his equals. 

Talking about grace,When you come this part or point, Then I will also accept that grace works were there is progress and pure mindset for success/Peace of mind /Good health e.t.c, 

You have to understand that when ever you want to be successful in what soever that it is you are found doing in this life,Be it a little progress with a very little start, First Amendment which you have to embrace is humility, Not cowardness,This does not really imply that you have been fooled or cheated for your humbleness, 

This equally means that you have acquired all it takes to bubble fast on the task ahead, You have to wish others success and it will surely come to you in return,

Praying hard on the main point but remember prayer without work is dead,So you work and pray along, 

Let's have a single moment I want to express my feelings for this very moment, 


This is surely one of those very best moments for our own billionaires son, A music legend and also a good and generous man, 

We are actually trying to tell you that is good to be good, Music Legend Davido Meets money Legend Elon Musk, And I have to reserve this picture here for all the lovers of good news to see and share their thoughts,

Amongst African And International Music artist I have known, I will so much admit Davido to be one of the most attractive and great achiever of an artist amongst them all.  

He helps people and impacts lot of lives, Yet he never gets tired on making moves for greater heights,And the smile that comes with this picture really tells me that it was all a successful  one as that, Because the smiles also counts, 

Making waves and leaving a memorable history does not just end by hating everyone and acting like a saint, Let's teach people how to live within our own selves and not just by protesting in public places and acting rude within, 

This guy never fails to deliver in all his crafts and most public perfections,So let's hopefully pray for him and bless a bigger deal on the way, Something huge if you ask me is about to happen globally, 

I must confess this meeting is for a greater understanding and future ahead as it turns out real to be believed that Davido only works for success and nothing but success, 

Visit,Enjoy,Comment,Help share your thoughts. 

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