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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Work Towards Restoration Of A Better Government In Nigeria.

Let's have a brief analysis about this ongoing presidential position which is currently trending on all publications concerning who is got the right and legibility to handle the said governmental thrown in Nigeria as the most suitable aspirants for presidency comes 2023 which is just somewhere around the corner if you may ask me.

Don't you all think it's wise to have proves of work's and duties been carried out as one good reason to be back if you wish to be giving a better position from the initial stage you maintained as a good leader, We have to comprehends works been done and approve work's that are yet to be done while making Clea and open emphasis within the region and this is what the people can call government.

What is said to be for the people and by the people would greatly be better if it has positive results to the people and proves is the only way to make anyone understand this language called government, The people you govern needs at least a total of 70% to 75% or even a 80% to 90% of good feelings in a good governmental system to actually accept your good governance,

I am not yet talking tribalism and race here to be sincere,We vividly know much about the large scale of differences within the tribes in African region starting from the traditions and laws protecting every individuals of the said region,

But let's come to think to think this  rate at which the killings in Nigeria is getting at presently, Does this just end in tribalism or race of the differences within the laws and traditions,

I believe traditions and laws are applications of love for true guidance to its people and not killing and slaughtering them like chicken's in the name of politics and selfish ambitions for just differences and indications of tribal grounds in acquaintance of power.

Think about this and remember I said proves indicates the true individual befitting for a particular position.

Who built Onitsha mall

Who dredged iyiagu river

Who build amaku teaching hospital

Who build anambra igbariam campus?

Who build about 500 kilometers road connecting different  communities in Anambra?

Who gave N3.5.billion  to listed mission hosiptals?

Who purchased about 30,000 computers and distributed to schools across Anambra state?

 Who bought 10,000/vehicles from innoson.sharing to schools, security outfits and traditional rulers.

Who gave many schools back to churches. Thereby funding them directly and cutting off the ministry that swallow educational funds? By this,standard of education was boosted and Anambra from 26th to number one in WAEC.

Who invented Anambra funds sabmiller that today,the dividends are so huge that Anambra is one of the highest shareholders in the company?

Who left his office without owing a single civil servant salary,pension or gratuity..nor owing any contractor that did his or her job?

Who left 75billion naria Anambra state naria and dollars  while leaving office till today Anambra state has not given him a penny or gratuity or pension as an ex governor?

Now with all this things by you have been giving a good preview of what you might be missing.

The Answer is peter obi

Get your PVC ready...!

Let's help this go viral and touch the heart's of people.

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