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Monday, June 20, 2022

Make The Right Decision, Pray For Peter Obi (He Is The Right Choice)

We completely understand that we are in the world where the origin of truth stands to be missing in everything people do on daily basis without been noticed,Not even for the  fear of God,Some even presumed in the denial of God's existence and still succumb to greater signs when ever they see it, 

There are much to sincerity even if no one is going to comply or completely accept defeat, That thing is probably evidence and proves!

Read below :

What the active governor of Anambra state has to say!

Prof Charles chukwuma soludo,the Anambra state governor,announced today that 20 million  dollar peter obi invested  on behalf of Anambra state in sabmiller group is now  worth 100 million dollar and from today.

Recall that this investment is under 10 years and Anambra state  owns the highest share in the global company as of today.

The state was number 15 during the time of investment ...

The firm witnessed the presence of formal president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan in 2013 has grown magnetically to the joy her investors

And here to you all that has concern about his travels to Egypt recently !


Mr peter obi (GCFR to be) went to Egypt..

Here are fewer reasons :

Egypt has the highest number of ongoing infrastructural project Africa.A fACT!

Egypt recently completed:

1.the world's largest water treatment plant,

2.world's largest archaeological museum.

3.world's 4th largest solar park,

4.Africa's tallest building.

5.African's biggest fish farm,

6.African's longest light rail line.

Egypt has build 10,000 factories in the last 7 years, and is constructing 34 new cities.

Now see this reply! Yes,you heard me.Go and verify!

Egypt is currently building Africa's :

1.largest Olympic sports city.

2.largest shopping mall,

3.largest first Space research city.

Calm down,E never reach o...

They are also building world's..

4.largest monorail line,

5.world's largest beet sugar factory

6.sugar strategic crop production plant,

7.6th largest high-speed rail line.

And so many other yet to be announced successful achievements a country can be blessed with,He is forward to the last level!

Peter obi has already started work as Nigerian's president, and yet you are stick to asking questions and making unnecessarily excuses for not waking up with your PVC to vote for him.

Do you want to die suffering in this very country we call one nigeria,Don't you have the insight on who the Giants of Africa used to be,Let's make history again with love. 

He is preparing for 21st century manifesto  that are realistic to achieve in this country.

Be great, Be brave,Be humble, Be blessed, 

 Be #obedient  and #vote peter obi come 2023 Nigerian electorate presidential candidate. 

The right choice. 

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