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Monday, June 13, 2022

The Right Choice, (Don't Be Distracted Yet)

Gladly I will admit that the presidential journey is beginning to make sense and also becoming more interested with the look of things right now!

The nigerian government has made the PVC registration free of charge!

The future of this country Nigeria lies in your hands if you wouldn't be forgetting that so fast!

The labour party has recently gifted Mr Peter Obi A Certificate of return as it's own favourite presidential candidate for 2023 presidential election in Nigeria and he deserves a big congratulations for that great success!

Now here the G.O OPM's Church in person of  Apostle Chibuzoro Chinyere for  releasing all 300 branches of OPM Worship centers  around the country Nigeria to be used as PVC registration and collection center in support for the success and restoration of a good governance!

He equally approved supporting  the Ineconomy officials l with some financial aids to facilitate the registration by adding Sundays as part of their appointed working days while the church service are still going on,

All this would have been so delightful to keep you informed about what God is planing for the country Nigeria and Africa at large !

Meanwhile, There is this underground informations circulated all over the media platforms concerning the Labour party presidential candidate and the ticket representer Mr Peter Obi on been spotted alongside the NNPP presidential candidate namely to be precise,Mr Kwankwaso while both men represents a grassroot members on the positive movement across Nigeria today!

And Remember Adamu Garba And Aisha are strongly part of the persuasive team for pursuit to a good governance to be yet restored again in the country Nigeria, 

So i would apparently accept good results if this meetings never stops from the positivity to all the chasers for good governance in Nigeria, The passion is beyond measures and deserves to be applauded to God's divine directions, 

This whole story is becoming lovely as the secret meetings are been carried out for the positive interest to a better governance in Nigeria, 

It was earlier discovered that Kwankwaso has an eligible positive proves for a good governance during his days in office which makes him an exemplary of Peter Obi when described by good governance in the history of Nigerian electorate records in office, 

When it was hopefully approved by the speech coming from Alhaji Tanko Bello of NNPP When he proudly told his boss Mr Kwankwaso , (Let's do this for the sake of Africa better Nigeria and all our unborn generation)

Alhaji Tanko Bello Was right on this basics and should equally be recommended on the list for this great fight towards restoring good governance on the nigerian governmental system, 

Do not forget prayer as well, 

Don't just leave okay,

Let's have your comments. 

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