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Saturday, August 6, 2022

History Of The Igbo Tribes .



The proper name of Akwaibom is Akaigbo which means branch of Igbo 

The proper name for Niger

Delta is Anaoma.

The proper name of Port Harcourt is Igweocha.

The proper name of Ibibio is Igbonta.

The proper name of Benin is Igodomigodo.

The proper name of River Niger is Olimiri Ogbaru.

Oyimgbo is called Obi Igbo.

Rumuora is Umuora.

Rumuokoro is Umuokoro.

Ibuzi or Ibuzo is Igbo bina uzo.

Awka is Oka.

Onitsha is Onicha.

Enugu is Enugwu.

Ufuma is Uvume.

Ajali is Ujali.

Umuahia is Omaahia.

Umuneri is Umueri.

Anambra is Omabara.

Owerri is Owenke eri

Oreri is Oranke eri.

Criss River is oyono

Awkuzu is Okauzu

Asaba is Ahaba.

From Eri 

We are one people. We are one blood. We are one family.

They take away our history just to hide our identity. They put hatred and division among us. Brother fighting brother. Sister fighting sister

Only BIAFRA is our last hope. 

Only BIAFRA can save us.

Udo diri unu.

We only share thoughts and ideas with you all to comment and also enlighten us more about your understanding concerning what we post here on our platform,

We mean no harm,

So let's hear from you.

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