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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Man Lambasts Joseph Yobo For Campaigning For Rivers PDP Candidate

 Man Lambasts Joseph Yobo For Campaigning For Rivers PDP Candidate.

Raymond Ledogo Wrote: HOW DARE YOU, YOBO?

"My brother, Joseph Yobo;

Those who contributed money for you to build your career and travel overseas to ply your trade before your consequent influence on the national team are agitating that you did not do small nepotism to put their brothers in the national team or even carry them abroad.

They are questioning how dare you to be that daring, to be imbibed with such impetus, to cultivate such courage, to act with such audacity to stand in Bori, where they stay and gather money for you to travel abroad, their hard-earned money, to tell them to go and get their PVC so that they can vote in a government of their choice. How dare you, Yobo?

They said you should not forget how you all played and ate together on the streets of Bori while your parents lived at 36 Hospital Road. They said they worked your way for you into Michellin after training with them on BMGS field, Bori. They didn't stop there, they brought scouts from Standard Liege, Belgium to recruit you in 1998 into their youth system yet you didn't carry their brothers. They even helped you to overcome racism there. How dare you, Yobo?

In 1999, they ensure you were included in Nigeria's youth team when the nation hosted the FIFA World Youth Championship, you have not replicated same. Your first call-up to the senior national team where you made your senior international debut against Zambia on 24 March 2001, was it not them that made it possible? You went on to captain the Super Eagles and now an assistant coach, yet you have recruited their brothers. How dare you, Yobo?

In 2000, when you made your first team debut for Standard Liege, they collectively called Tomislav Ivić, your then coach to ensure he features you in matches.  All the disputes you had with Marseille, they were the people who coughed out the additional £4million that Everton paid Marseille to seal your permanent move to England yet you have not helped their brothers. How dare you, Yobo?

At Everton, in Egland, you are a legend, one of the most consistent players they ever had. In fact, you were one of only seven players in the entire English Premier League to play every minute of every game throughout the 2006–07 season. In the national team, you were one of the most disciplined and dedicated players with over a century of caps. You had all these achievements with honors. Ordinarily, these achievements should pass for meritorious recognitions from your people because you have put the name on the world map; you have made any decent people proud but you see, my brother Yobo, even Christ Himself had pointed out that "only in his home town and in his own house is a prophet without honor." (Mark 6:4).

So well done, Yobo!

Let them continue in their excessive sense of entitlement and leave their PVCs with INEC because you didn't HELP their brothers.

My name is Ledogo Raymond.

I have my PVC.

We only bring you information to hear your own observations,

Comment with fear of God.

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