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Monday, May 9, 2022

What A Madness All In the Name Of Birthday Celebrations

 Lot of things has been totally going wrong all in the name of fun and fashion which the society needs to work thoroughly on getting this things working normal, 

It is becoming so alarming about the rate which most of our young women go for just mare birthday celebration which consecutively last not less than a day if you can probably take a second preview of this so called celebration, 

Having the opportunity to see another 365 days of your miserable life was not by right or in any way your choice to make, But God humbly grant's you this great opportunity and showing off your naked bodies I don't really think would become a welcome development as an appreciation for such incidents, 

Most of our girls nearly strips naked just to create awareness about their so called birthday's as soon as it approaches the celebration date and instead of the rest to encourage them with good examples of discipline in a way of cautioning them against their actions, They rather compete to print the worst pictures to either indicate a support or act of kindness to what was worsen before that very moment.

It is not my intentions to condemn anybody or proclaim been the most responsible person on earth that have ever existed here as the active publisher of Africanhairsblog But we oath to punch on the reality lines when ever we see them and pronounce what is fake to be totally guaranteed fake not because we are saint's, But because we have got the inner and natural eyes to play a role in our myths as real humans existing with the flesh and blood, 

What is our so called mother's doing to help secure the future of their children, Those this just end by feeding this kids to grow up and get fat in the head and know nothing about the truth, I think if as a responsible parent you don't raise your kids in a more disciplinary way, Then I must assume is a very shameful act to wait and see what becomes of this kids in the nearest future, 

A responsible family has a remark on their kids and the legacy continues to live and never stops creating impacts in the life of others to approve the integrity the families laid beyond. 

We know that most men only appreciates naked and nude pictures of ladies and makes it the only way they can truly show support and financial assistance in such situations to ladies with an approval of their demands when in need, 

Such as sponsoring the birthday parties and all it's requirements even after that, But ask your selves this simple questions, 


you stand the chance to be credited huge amount of money for your birthday celebrations and do all sort of things but you end up forgetting that most of such men would never reserve a suitable positive in their homes for you to come and spend the rest of your life with them as a wife, 

Because at that very moment, They start considering what the community and their own families will say not remembering if they where the same people who sponsored this same said birthday parties parties that made you stripped naked just to spice up their day for been attendants of the show, 

They start remembering list of their friends with your nude pictures on their gadgets and what sort of insults it might prompt if any case as such arrives.


What will your own family say in hearing about it, Because some of you guys remaining dumb of listening to advices might in one way or the other believe about your distance with your families as a reason to become a sudden fear or threat to your own selves believing to be a threat to innocent people around you who truly cares and gives you advices which you turned out to become insults, Yet the ones you remain close with would in one way or the other be very protective to their own bodies even if they lured you into such behavior, 

We all need to talk sense into our own thoughts and help our selves in all possible way we can, 

See this pictures of an African young beautiful princess  and tell me what is your take on this very pictures, 

Let's share thoughts of encouragement and support with words that can help make a change in this very alarming situation. 

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